Monday, December 13, 2010

MN, I Give You An F

An F for effing ridiculous. And St. Paul gets a quadruple F with a side of total douchebaggery. This weekend we had a blizzard. It was a real doozy. It ended on Saturday around 8:00 p.m. One would think that the roads would be somewhat okay on Monday morning for work. Right?

BIG WRONG. Minnesota has failed us (or maybe it's just St. Paul has failed me). I have about a 10 minute drive to work. Unfortunately for me, most of that drive is through downtown St. Paul one way or another. This morning I was totally bamboozled.

Getting into downtown was a long adventure. The roads weren't fully plowed. No salt or sand had been put down and there was glare ice in many places. The snow mounds were so high you couldn't see around them. Many sidewalks weren't plowed causing people to be walking in traffic. You couldn't see any lane markers and in some cases you couldn't see road signs. All of this added to the fact that downtown St. Paul traffic is already crippled by light rail construction and you had an awful morning commute.

I understand that there was a blizzard and it's difficult to plow and move snow around. But, we live in Minnesota. Blizzards happen. Shouldn't the city and state have some kind of contingency plan to get the streets plowed so they are safe to drive?


Grace said...

For once I'm going to have to disagree with you Molly. I think that a major complication to this is not only the amount of snow but also the frigid temps yesterday and today causing them not to be able to use the salt chemicals. I think the salt would really have helped to melt some snow.

But I do agree that St. Paul is consistently worse at plowing the roads as compared to Minneapolis.

Molly said...

Grace! I give you an F. No one gets to disagree with me on my own blog. I'm kidding. I understand your point, but I was out shoveling on Saturday night and it was actually quite warm. Why weren't they putting salt down then? And if the salt doesn't work, they could still sand.

Grace said...

In many ways I feel like Leslie Knope and I will also stick up for local government. I'm also like Judy Hanson in that way. So I'm totally biased.