Friday, October 15, 2010

Divorce Fireworks

A month or so ago I was at a wedding in Wisconsin. At the reception hall I went into the bathroom and was pleased as punch to find those bathroom stall advertisements posted all over. I was even more pleased to find the above advertisement.

Fireworks By S.A.M. will do year round fireworks shows for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and even divorces! What a great way to celebrate the dissolution of a marriage! Invite the kids as well. Hey Johnny, I hate your dad, let's party!

Side note...when I was a kid I thought the term was firecracks, which i think is actually a better word than fireworks. It's more expressive. I was a genius child.


Anonymous said...

You missed the best part. Down at the bottom of the poster, it says "starting at $2500". Yep, money is no object. I'm going to shoot off $2500 worth of firecracks to celebrate a graduation, birthday.....even if it is the Fourth of July!

Love ya,

Molly said...

$2500 is nothing for a good fireworks show. I still love the fact that they are advertising fireworks for a divorce...only in Wisconsin.