Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean

So, let's all get it out there and say Argggh. I know you all want to!

Recently this ride has gotten the kadooz it truly deserves from the wildly successful movies. It sort of reinvigorated the ride. Literally, they gave it a face lift and added Johnny Depp looking robots throughout the ride.

Even before the movies, though, there really was nothing like this ride. You're on a boat, there's some pirates and scary things, but then there's singing and dancing and the pirates are drunk and pillaging. But pillaging in a merry way, so it's family safe.

The lines on this ride used to be super long, but recently the line takes about 5 minutes to get through and most of that time is just walking down the long maze to get to the boats. You can go on this ride repeatedly and you will likely want to. It's cool (and I mean cold cool, not cool cool), dark so you can take a quick nap if needed, the kids will love it and it's rollicking fun.

4/5 stars. It's not really a thrill ride, but you can't go on roller coasters forever.


alvin said...

Can't wait to see the latest sequel of this movie. We are planning to go to the Barbados Island in Caribbean next month.. I hope we can get affordable hotel Barbados when we get there.

Anonymous said...

I want to say "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" and please Johnny Depp, pop out of that barrel one more time!

Love ya,