Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

You would probably have to see the movie Clash of the Titans to really understand, but as I was walking out of the movie this past weekend, I was behind 3 of the biggest geeks I've ever seen. They were probably about 20 years old and I think it was a really big deal that they were out of their basements and not playing World of Warcraft or whatever people play in their basements. They were loving on this movie and one geek said to another:

"A glowing sword, winged horse and a hot chick. What an awesome dad!"

Just to give background about the movie...It centers around Perseus who is a demigod meaning that his mother was mortal and his father is Zeus. So he's sort of powerful except also mortal. Anyhow, he's going on an epic journey (aren't these people always doing awesome shit like that?) and Zeus anonymously helps him out along the way by sending him things. One of the things was a sword that glows and only he can wield and another was a Pegasus. Then towards the end of the movie this girl that Perseus had some hot chemistry with, and was also a demigod, is killed and Perseus is totally bummed. BUT then he meets up with Zeus who is all please come to Olympus and Perseus is all hellz to the no. And Zeus is disappointed, but then tells him that he loves him and is going to give him one last gift and it's bringing this hot chick back to life.

Hope this quote makes more sense after my awesome synopsis!

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Anonymous said...

I think I'll stick with something simple like "Date Night" or God forbid, "Hot Tub Time Machine".

Love ya,