Friday, April 17, 2009

NME Goals: Rethought

Turns out, I'm just as bad at NME goals as I am at the NYE version. I went for the safe route this month and chose a goal that was completely dependent on me and not someone else. I decided that this month I was going to keep my apartment organized ALL MONTH. I know it's only halfway through the month, but I'm failing. And, I failed at last month's goal, so I'm feeling uber vulnerable right now.

Here's the thing with having a neat house. I think there's absolutely a secret to this and I will share it with you. Everyone who I know that has a neat house has a specific spot for everything. Their coasters sit in an exact spot on the coffee table, their mail has an exact spot either in a drawer, shelf or file folder, their magazine stack always sits in the same place and always has exactly the same number of get the idea. That's why their homes always look clutter free because they know where every single thing goes.

And this is my problem! I'm clean and organized, but not neat. You see, I appear to be very strait laced and conservative (read uptight and bitchy, and yes, I know this is what strangers think of me), but I'm actually a little bit more bohemian and lackadaisical. I'm a descendant of a tribe of Hungarian gypsies, so I can't really help it. So, I just can't wrap my mind around having a spot for everything in my house. Instead I'm more like, this is where I'm putting Vanity Fair this month and this evening I'm moving the coasters to the opposite side of the coffee table to make room for my dinner plate and then later I'm going to bring one into my bedroom so I can enjoy a gin & tonic in bed and then I'm going to leave it there for a month. You can see how this creates one cluttered living environment.

So, I'm screwed...two months and two failed goals. I'm terrible!

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