Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You Can Buy Crap

Have you ever been in a store where you see something that truly blows your mind?  I often have that experience when I go into Menards.  Menards is awesome.  You can buy ANYTHING at Menards.  Need a book, come to Menards.  Need some paintbrushes, come to Menards.  Need candy, or tulip bulbs, or Halloween decorations...come to MENARDS.  Seriously, they have everything you need and everything that you don't want. 

Here's an example:

Need a toilet seat cover with jumping trout on it?  Just head on over to Menards and you can find one.  Nothing will beautify and modernize your bathroom more than this.  It's a Fashion Soft Seat.

Oh wait, you're more of a woodsy person.  Well, you are in luck because Menards also carries these:

A toilet seat cover with timber wolves!  Gorgeous!  And MADE IN USA! 

Of course, if you find yourself having a difficult time deciding between the two, just buy both.  You won't regret it. 

Who buys this crap?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I agree, though Rod is more of a Mills Fleet Farm kind of guy so we frequent that locale. And, oh boy, same sort of thing going on there.


Meg {henninglove} said...

ok a soft seat toilet seat totally reminds me of my grandma's house whenever we would visit her. except it didn't have trout or wolves on the lid thank goodness