Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wildlife Express Train

This is going to be a rough review, but let's start with the positive.  The good thing about taking the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom is that the actual train ride is relaxing.  No one goes on this ride, so it's likely that you will have an entire train compartment to yourself.  So, there's that.

Otherwise the whole experience is lackluster.  Remember in the movie Twins where they told Danny DeVito that they took all the best DNA and gave it to Arnold Schwarznegger and that DeVito was just the crap that was leftover.  That's what the train and Rafiki's Planet Watch is.  Leftover Animal Kingdom crap.

Once you get to the Planet Watch, there's a play area for kids and a building with some exhibits that talk about conservation and endangered species.  They have some animals to look at, but it's a lot of stuff that you don't really care to see.  For instance, there's a petting zoo, but I think there's just a few animals out like goats and sheep.  And they smell.  The petting zoo at Valleyfair is better than this one.   

So, it's really lame.  For adults, you just ride the train and then wander around the exhibits for a few minutes only to hop right back onto the train to go back to the park.  For kids, that jungle gym area is a huge problem.  If you get them there, have fun getting them out. 

The only neat thing is that inside the building there's a place where they have veterinarians giving exams to the animals.  So, if you happened to be there when they were showing something really neat like a rhino giving birth, it could be cool.  I think both times I've been back there, the vets haven't been doing anything. 

The only thing that makes this attraction worth bothering with is the relaxing train ride and the possibility of seeing a vet do something cool with the animals.  Otherwise, this is a terrible waste of time and space.

1/5 or 2/10 stars.

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