Friday, January 13, 2012

Turtle Talk with Crush

I have been to Disney multiple times, so there's very little in the parks that leaves me thinking "How do they do that?" But, Turtle Talk is one of those things that I cannot figure out how they do it to save my life.

So, here's the set up, Turtle Talk is located in an obscure corner of The Living Seas building. Search it out, because it's probably the best attraction in the Living Seas building (that building sucks balls). Once you find it, you will have to wait for the next show to begin, when it does you go into this dark theatre like room. There's a screen at the front with a scene that looks like you are deep under the ocean. The one bad thing is that they put all the little kids in the front and so when you are there without kids, you definitely feel like a creeper.

The show starts and there's a Disney employee at the front of the room, by the screen, saying that we have to call Crush (the surfer turtle from Finding Nemo) to the tank so that he can talk to us. So, you call Crush and this animated turtle comes to the screen.

What happens next is pure magic. It's tough to explain, but he takes questions from the little kids about what life is like as a turtle and then he will call on kids to ask them questions about being a human. So, it all happens LIVE. It's like watching a movie that is interacting with you. Crush will say to the Disney employee, "give the microphone to that little girl with the pigtails and the green shirt." And the girl will get the microphone and ask a question like "where do turtles poop?" And then Crush will give some kind of answer that's really funny. And his mouth is actually moving to the words.

It's so much fun. And each show is different, so you can go a couple of times and always be surprised by what is happening. Plus, the kids are always funny about the questions that they ask and there is usually one punk kid in the group who wants to show how badass he is by asking or saying something kind of inappropriate. That part is also awesome.

This ride gets a 4/5 or 9/10 for ingenuity and the WTF factor. I'm minusing a point for uncomfortable seats and the creeper thing.

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