Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick Baby

I realize that getting a cold is a necessity of life. It helps us build immunities and then we might not get as sick later on in life. Blah, blah, blah. I am such a baby about getting a cold. I literally revert to my young self and just want to mope around in jammies and order people to make me grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. But, now that I'm an adult I have realized that I can't not go to work every time I come down with the sniffles and even if I did, there would be no one staying home with me making me food. It's a lose-lose.

I came down with a cold this week. It's my first one in awhile. I'm getting over it today, but I'm at that stage where I feel and sound like I'm a chain-smoker and no amount of water or tea will change it.

When I came down with this particular cold, I had an internal debate about whether I should go to work. This is the worst part about being an adult. Sick guilt. Because, I really felt lousy and knew that laying in bed all day would do me a world of good. On the other hand, we were busy at work and was I really sick enough to call-in sick? That's a tough question. How sick do you have to be to call in sick to work? I feel like you have to at least have a fever.

So, I went in. It was miserable and I was a huge baby about it. I'm a baby about a lot of things.

As I was sitting there at work, I realized that I rarely notice when other people are sick at work. Why is that? Do they just not come in? Or do they have a secret weapon against colds that they aren't telling me about? One very worldly co-worker told me today about a British thing called Lemsip that apparently stops colds dead in their tracks. I guess you put it in hot water. But you have to order it from someplace overseas because it's not FDA approved. Anyone else ever heard of this? Why are Americans always the last to know?

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