Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Was Here

This Saturday, I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts. I am a terrible gift wrapper, so it takes me a long time to get everything all wrapped up. Part of the problem is my anal retentiveness. All packages have to be wrapped in only red, white and green.

I'm really particular about wrapping paper. This year I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I had to settle for what I could find. I'm not sure it all meshes together as cohesively as in year's past.

When I had them all stacked up, I couldn't even see the Christmas tree over the top of the stack. I wanted to lay them out to get a better picture.

Voila! Here they all are. The photos turned out a little bit dark. I've been experimenting with camera settings and obviously this was a fail. But, you get the idea. Can't wait for everyone to open up their gifts and see what they got! I had some really good gift ideas this year!


Grace said...

Holy cow you buy a lot of christmas presents. I bought maybe a quarter of that. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Those are just the ones for me!

Linda (Molly's thankful daughter)

Molly said...

I buy stuff for each member of my family, but a lot of times I buy little things and wrap each of them up individually. So, I think it looks like more than it really is.

And Linda, you are not my daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha----that's good! I think that's about the third dumb thing I did yesterday.

Linda (Molly's thankful MOTHER)