Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Me On...Lindsay Lohan

I don't really want to give this media whore the satisfaction of knowing that anyone cares. But I do have to comment on what happened yesterday. I guess Lohan was on probation, for what I have no idea. But it doesn't matter because diva that she is, she did nothing on probation and was slapped with a probation violation. Then yesterday she got 90 days in jail and 90 days inpatient. Shazam.

The reason why I'm particularly interested in this is because she deserved it. No matter what Dina Lohan says, Lindsay deserved this sentence. Here's why...

I would say that 80% of criminal cases are given probation. And about half of those completely screw it up and are violated. When these peeps screw it up, they screw it up big. As in, they do nothing that they are required to do. The real kick in the ass is that basically all these people have to do is lay low (stop committing crimes), have a chemical assessment and comply with recommendations (which usually means take a class) and keep in contact with your probation officer. Do these things and after 3-6 months your probation officer will completely forget about you and probably never look at the file for the rest of your probation.

But, the ones that screw up just don't give a flying f!@# and they don't do anything and then they come in for a violation and say that their mother's sick or they couldn't find their PO's phone number or they were too busy trying to find a job. They are all excuses.

Probation is a privilege. It's a gift you are given by the judicial system that says: show us you care and we won't throw your ass in jail. Lohan showed the judicial system exactly what she thought of them. And apparently it's not much. If you have no respect for the courts, then you should serve time.

And btw, I've heard Lohan's excuses everyday, it's the same shit that common criminals say at their own PV hearings. BTW #2, typically a first time PV gets a slap on the wrist, unless something really egregious happened. Lohan basically got a 180 day sentence on what appears to be a first time do the math.

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