Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swiss Family Robinson Tree

I always used to avoid this ride, it just seemed really dumb. But in the name of reviewing every Disney ride on my blog, I decided I needed to try it. This attraction (cause it's not really a ride) is good for 2 things. Exercise and gorgeous views of the Magic Kingdom park. Behold:
So, it's definitely worth it to go up the tree once. As for what's inside...well...meh, blah is really all I have to say. They just have these rooms set up with the Swiss Family Robinson's kitchen and library and bedrooms. And that's about it. So, you walk up a tree to look at stuff that isn't really historical or funny or exciting.

The real bonus, as I said before, is the exercise. I typically stuff my face at Disneyworld... cheeseburgers, french fries at least once a day, ice cream at least once a day, cookies, candy. I don't even look at a vegetable or piece of fruit the whole time I'm there, so my ass truly appreciates any opportunity to work some of that fat off before I go back home.

I stayed off this ride for years and never missed it. But now I'll probably go back on it. If you have any physical ailment at all I would stay off of it. There's a lot of climbing involved and it's actually pretty long.

So, 2/5 stars. But my ass gives it 4/5.

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