Friday, September 18, 2009

My CT is Scanned

I had a CT scan this morning. Calm down, there's nothing wrong. It's just a standard procedure for a follow-up from another appointment. I actually don't know why they ordered it, but my insurance is happy to pay for it, so what the hell.

At first the nurses were all, you're going to have to drink barium. I cried. Then when I got there this morning, they were all, we're going to put an IV in and shoot you up with iodine instead. Sweetness!

And it was sweet, except the iodine tastes like metal. And you would think you can't taste something that's intravenously being gushed into your body, but you can. About 10 minutes later, one thing became perfectly clear: I'm allergic to iodine.

Ha! Laugh's on the nurses because they didn't know beforehand. I didn't know either. So, a doctor had to come and check on me, but he wouldn't come into my little waiting room. Instead he stood in the hall and announced "You had a slight allergic reaction. You appear to be fine now." Um, dude...Hippa? Now the entire hall knows of a new way to kill me. Bastard.

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