Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Me On...Twitter

So, I've been on Twitter for awhile now, I don't really use it, I just thought I would check it out and see what the hype is about. Guys, it's amazing (and confusing). But seriously, more amazing than anything else. It's basically the world's best gossip network, except it's almost unfair gossip. I feel like there's really two types of gossip. There's the gossip that's so easy to get because the subject of the gossip is such an attention whore that they basically spread the news themselves and then there's the good gossip, the kind you just sort of stumble upon (like two co-workers making out in a usually unoccupied stairwell). I prefer the second type of gossip because I feel like it's fate giving me a reward for good behavior.

Anyhow, Twitter puts on full display for the world to see the 1st type of gossip. It's shameless and tacky, but it's such a guilty pleasure of mine.

For instance, did you know that you can find out what Miley Cyrus is doing RIGHT NOW. For realz, she tweets every 20 minutes about what she's doing. An hour ago she wrote that she woke up with a sore throat and laments that she is always sick. Boo effing hoo, go cry into your million dollar bills Miley.

Then there's the celebrity twitter catfight. I'm not even kidding. Celebrities wage wars of words over twitter and they are priceless. They are about things that so don't matter, but the celebs think that they're saving the world by getting into the fight. My fav was between Demi Moore and Perez Hilton and it had something to do with a photo of Demi's 13 year old daughter looking like a skank, so Perez called her a skank which brought down Demi's "mother wrath." Phenomenal. And again, you witness it real time.

But, the best twitter to watch is Lindsay Lohan. If you haven't seen it, you must. It's twitter.com/lindsaylohan. This girl is a trainwreck, which is obvious enough, but she keeps making it more obvious by posting what other internet peeps have referred to as "cracktweets". And they are. To make the situation even more comical is the fact that she often will tweet things to other celebs and NO ONE EVER RESPONDS! But this bitch doesn't care, she just keeps tweeting, like people are writing to her every other minute. But they're not! HA! Nothing makes you feel better than knowing that a once upon a time Hollywood megastar now can't even get a famewhore like Miley Cyrus to tweet her back.

My point is that Twitter is like a gift of gossipy goodness that keeps on giving. Loves. It.

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