Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm A Failure

This picture shows the beginning of the month. So full of life, promise and gin gimlets. This month I made a very ambitious NME goal and today, one day before the end of the month, I can tell you I failed miserably. At the beginning of the month I had two crushes and I decided that I was going to get one of them to ask me on a date and the other I was going to find out his first name. Well both of these guys are dead to me now. I've only seen the former once since I made the declaration (and am now pretty sure he's got a girlfriend) and the latter has become something of a cocky asshole. Which basically means I failed, but want to blame someone else for my failures.
And blame away I will, it's healthier for me and my fragile self-worth. However, next month my goal is definitely going to be something very easy and attainable. I think it might involve sleeping and never getting out of my bed. Here's to a more goal-oriented April.

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