Friday, March 20, 2009

I Feel Vindicated

I actually don't know if vindicated is the right word, but roll with me. And also time travel with me, because this story takes a little bit of setting up.

About 4 years ago I started having these problems when I would drink alcoholic beverages. And I know, lots of people have problems with the drink, but this was different. I wouldn't really have that much to drink, but would get violently ill and numb all over. I could feel the numbness wave through my body starting with the tip of nose and the tips of my fingers and then my arms and face would get tingly until I felt completely numb. Weird!

Anyhow, it ended up getting worse and to a point where not only was I violently sick and numb, but my hands started locking up. It was actually really scary. Hand locking is never a good thing, especially when you can't unlock them for 20 minutes and you can't feel your face. I was convinced that it had to be some kind of medical condition but family, friends and doctors were like you are crazy, you just had too much to drink. When I would insist that 3 drinks in 5-6 hours is not too much to drink, they would tell me I must have had more and couldn't remember or something. The NERVE!

Well, pop off bitches because I just found out that violent illness, numbness and hand locking from alcohol is actually a real condition. I don't have all the details on it, like the name, but just knowing that I'm a medical freak makes me super happy.

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