Monday, February 9, 2009


Last year towards the end of January, Kadie had a fabulous birthday party at Nye's. I had way too much fun if you know what I mean. The night began with a rousing rendition of "She's Too Fat for Me" sung by the accordion lady and ended with someone (I won't say who) telling a bouncer that she was a good girlfriend because she's busty and not a whore. Somewhere in between all of this Becca and I met Roger.

Roger practically lives at Nye's, I've never been there and not seen him. Roger also loves him some ladies and will ask any of them to dance (his dance card is always full and he only gets 1 break in about 3 hours). Also, Roger is 92 years old give or take a few years. On that fateful night last January, Roger asked Becca and I to dance and we obliged. About twenty minutes after the dances Roger came back to us with a Christmas card that he had written out to Rebecca and "Molly". That's how he wrote my name, complete with quotes, my name was only alleged to Roger. The Christmas card has become famous and Becca and I even included it in an equally famous photo session.

This past weekend, Becca and I had the wonderful opportunity to see Roger again. He had a full night of dancing with the ladies, but still made time for us and even wrote us his last Christmas card of the year. In addition Roger told us there were some men there that night who were flirting with us because "they were looking for wives", asked us if we were looking for husbands and frowned upon us going to Vegas Lounge by ourselves and giving our numbers out to the men who were looking for wives (which btw, we didn't).

So, ladies, if you're ever looking for a hot date and good fun on a Friday or Saturday night, polka on down to Nye's and look for the old man in a sweater out on the dance floor. If you stand there long enough alone, he'll ask you to dance. You won't regret it, although, you'll only get a holiday card December 1 - the first weekend in February!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your discretion molly. although, it is true, those are qualities of an excellent girlfriend...