Wednesday, February 18, 2009

March's Eve Cocktails!!

I'm thinking of having a cocktail party for March's Eve. My apartment has been begging me to throw some type of a party (don't worry the mice are gone), so perhaps this is the perfect opportunity.
I've got to think of a signature drink, something old-fashioned like a gimlet or sidecar. It won't be this drink to the right here, while it looks lovely, it also looks like it tastes like alcohol and I don't drink anything that tastes like alcohol. They have to taste like kiddy cocktails, except with alcohol. And yes, it can be done. Two years ago, I made mojitos that everyone complained didn't have enough rum in them. Well, an hour later we had gone through 2 pitchers of these "rumless" mojitos and surprisingly 2 bottles of rum. Bitches were so drunk they had to crawl to the bar.

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