Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Universe of Energy

This is one of those old school Epcot rides. Back in the day, Epcot was all about things like energy!, transportation!, robots! and innovation! Except, I remember this ride as being boring as hell. And loooooong. When my mom needed a nap, she would convince me to go on this ride.

However, things have changed, and now the ride is actually fairly entertaining. Ellen DeGeneres does this narration thing with Bill Nye. It's still long and you're sitting for the most part (so, still able to snooze if you need it), but if you don't snooze, it's actually an interesting ride.

Plus, there's dinosaurs, so the kids will love it. I've never really felt much about this ride. It's kind of a necessary evil. Something long and relaxing to get you out of the heat. Although, I sure wish the powers that be would have kept Horizons and axed this ride. Do you remember Horizons? That shit was the bomb.

But, I don't hate the ride and wouldn't not go on it. So 3/5 stars.

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