Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clearly its the First Time She's Heard of a Fax Machine

Here's a snippet of a conversation that I had yesterday morning:

Lady on Phone: Can you fax a copy of that NCO cancellation to the workhouse?
Me: Yes.
Lady on Phone: Great, when will you do that?
Me: I will likely do that this morning, before noon.
Lady on Phone: And how long will it take to get to the workhouse?
Me: Via fax...seriously...
Lady on Phone: Yes, will it take a few days to get to the workhouse if you send it by the fax? I don't know how it works.
Me: A fax is instantaneous.
Lady on Phone: Really, wow, that's awesome.
Me: Yes, modern technology is like that.

Honestly. This is my life.


Becca said...

People are still send things by fax?

Molly said...

Faxing isn't that archaic. Unless South Korea has put you so far into the future that you foresee a day with no fax machines?