Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tower of Terror

It's scary right. Very ominous and foreboding. Listen, it scared my mother so badly she refuses to go on this ride, so it must be scary!

The Tower of Terror is a trip down freaky deaky memory lane. It takes you back to the Twilight Zone (which, btw, I've begun renting via Netflix and it's pretty damn good) where bizarre things happen and that creepy music is played. You know what I'm talking about. Typed out it's all "Ne nu ne nu ne nu ne nu"...right...I know, scary.

They really play up the theme on this one, the peeps that operate the ride are even rude to your face. When you get on the ride they're all like "Enjoy your death" and "Wave to your family members, you'll never see them again". I have been stuck in that elevator car with way too many young kids who end up terrified and crying for the first 15 minutes of the ride (yes, it's that long). Then, because the ride's long, they get bored until...HOLY SHIT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ELEVATOR JUST DROPPED OUT!

And down you go. Then you shoot back up. Then the bottom effing drops out again. AHHH! The bastards got me.

When the ride first opened it dropped a couple of times and the second time was kind of a half drop. It continued like this for awhile until the operator peeps noticed that kids were coming off the ride being all like "Bitch please, that was nothing". Then they shook it up and now there are something like 20 patterns that your elevator car could take you on. Sometimes it will hold you up at the top and the doors to the outside open up so you can see the park and you're thinking when is this damn thing going to drop...crickets...more crickets....even more...then it drops a bit and stops..crickets and then BAM! It also goes up and down at least 4 times. That was when my mom said she was done and would never go back on it.

I miss the ride, but I feel like this is one of those where Walt's in his frozen cryogenic chamber thinking "We could've done better".

So, 2/5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

Let's clarify...I used to go on this ride, but I just can't bring myself to get onboard any longer. I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to die out of fear on a Disney ride. For some reason now (and maybe it's the not knowing what's going to happen and when the bottom will drop out)--as soon as I get on this ride, my palms start to sweat. It could also be the ride operator who said as he was about to send the ride to it's perilous drop, "hey everyone, wave goodbye to the lady in seat 5". What was that about? He scared me. Now I will walk past this and go to Rockin' Roller Coaster. Remember how I tried to trick Ralph the last time we went to Disney to get on Tower of Terror with you? He was just a little too smart, though. Ralph said that if I wasn't going on the ride, he wasn't going either.

Love ya,