Friday, August 14, 2009

The Bucket List

Did anyone see this movie? I'm sure even if you did, you fell asleep about 5 minutes in. Old people have that effect on the big screen.

Every time I think about this term, I giggle. I think it's because I hear Morgan Freeman saying "...before you kick the bucket." And then laughing like dying is HIGH-larious.

But I love lists, so I've often secretly loved this idea. I decided to make a "lifelist" because I don't plan on dying soon. I want to have at least a thousand things on this list and then I will chart their progress on the blog.

Does anyone have any idea how effing difficult it is to think of 1000 things to do?? I'm up to about 75 and my brain wants to explode.

I just re-read this entry and WOW! Most boring entry ever. I must officially be a blogger, where I'm rambling on about things no one cares about (and before blogs were just relegated to people's own heads where they damn well belonged). My blog has become like ambien and old people in movies and tv shows.

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