Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movies, Margaritas and (Apparently) Lock-Ins

This is the Parkway theatre in Minneapolis. It's my new favorite...except actually an old favorite because I went there about 3 years ago with Grace to see Paradise Now. She drove and I had no idea where we were. I was in my "sheltered suburb phase". All I knew was there was a Turtle Bread Company and a mexican restaurant nearby. So, I asked around and no one knew what the hell I was talking about. BUT...now I've found it yet again and it's even better because...wait for it...they effing serve margaritas!

A couple of gfs and I saw Sunshine Cleaning this weekend and this was the only theatre showing it. $5 for the movie, $5 for the margarita (and it was a tequilay margarita, if you know what I mean) and then there are love seats to cuddle in. Seriously the first 3 rows or so are love seats. We didn't cuddle, though. The love seats were occupied by old people who were not cuddling, but were sitting very far apart. What a waste, and I hate cuddling!

The best part of the evening was that after the movie, we were lingering in our seats for a minute (I had to finish my margarita) and all of a sudden a stream of 12-14 year old boys come running in with pillows and sleeping bags. WTF? So, we asked the movie machine operator: "WTF?" And he said two words (or one, hyphenated): "Lock-in." For reals, there was a young man lock-in where the young men were going to play video games on the giant screen.

Becca now wants to have an adult lock-in, but I'm pretty sure that's called kidnapping.

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