Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Get Political

I realize this is a blog about an almost now defunct monthly celebration and not about politics. But, with the current election climate how it is, I felt like I couldn't hold in my gems of thought any longer. That's right, I am going to share my family jewels with all of you (or is it pearls of wisdom?? Either way, they're precious stones from the collection of my mind). The first topic of my ramblings is campaign spending...

SERIOUSLY, WTF is wrong with some of these politicians and the amount of money that they are willing to spend to become a U.S. Senator? This year in Minnesota's Senatorial election, Al Franken and Norm Coleman combined to spend almost 32 million dollars on their campaigns...while the country's economy is failing! This isn't even counting the amount of money that the Democratic and Republican National Committees chipped in for more annoying television ads. What is even more hysterical is the fact that Dean Barkley spent only $78,000 on his campaign and managed to get 15% of the vote. Ultimately, this election has taught me that 32 million dollars can only guarantee you 84% of the vote in MN.

I usually prefer to consider all things in terms of shopping, so here's my shopping example of what this means. Let's say I'm going to some big event (the Oscars) and I want to be certain that an up and coming actor (Robert Pattinson) would make out with me. Therefore, I would need to guarantee that I looked stunning. So let's say I went to a major designer (Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Christian LaCroix just to name a few) and said here's 32 million dollars, please make me a dress that's guaranteed to make people swoon and make out with me. Said designer then takes about 10 months to make the most perfect (and most expensive) dress in history. I put the dress on and go to the Oscars and meet up with my preferred up and coming actor and say, "I really loved you in your new movie (Twilight...and no, I'm not 14, but Robert Pattinson is effing hot and we already starred in a Harry Potter movie together), would you like to make out." If the up and coming actor's response is that only 84% of him thinks that he would like to make out with me I would march myself right back to the designer and demand a refund. Maybe it's just twisted morals, but I feel like 32 million dollars sure as hell better guarantee you 100% of something whether it be Senate votes or making out with Robert Pattinson.

Am I naieve or is inflation really that bad?


Anne H. said...

AMEN, sister! And how about spending on the war? You think 32 million is a lot, try THREE F$%&ING TRILLION. Most people cannot comprehend a trillion dollars, so this guy did a bunch of research and wrote a book: What We Could Have Done With the Money. Did you know that one trillion dollars could pave the entire US highway system in gold? It could buy everyone on Earth an ipod? Now think about three trillion. And that didn't guarantee us 100% of anything either, except a tragedy.

(Ryan Pattinson is super hot and I can't wait to see that movie.)

Christina said...

I think you are hilarious! You provided much humor to me - I hate all the money spent on campaigning. It is like pro teams asking for money for THEIR stadiums! Buy them yourself. So, future presidents: pay for it yourself. And, while you are paying for it yourself, you will realize what it feels like for TAXPAYERS to have to pay the bills. But, I won't get into that --- it will make me too mad.