Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Asexual Messiah

If you didn't know me in college, this might not make sense. But, it doesn't need to make sense to be true. Right Grace? On a side note, I think the title of his book Unsafe at Any Speed is a secret nod to the current asexual movement. SEX-- UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED. I bet he thought of that while watching Chicken Run.


Anonymous said...

molly, sex IS unsafe at any speed.

i have to say, calling Nader the Messiah of Asexuality is giving him too much credit. aren't we forgetting the man (who shall not be named, although for now, we will call him the giant fruit of the loom's guy) who truly sparked our awareness of the asexual revolution.

perhaps a vigilant asexual crusader is more appropriate.

Molly said...

I will consider changing his title. Although I think it depends on how you define "messiah". Giant Fruit of the Loom's Guy is much, much younger than Nader and is now sexual. Nader was asexual first and has never faltered.

Plus Nader really brings Asex to the masses in a way that Giant Fruit of the Looms Guy can only dream about. In claymation.