Monday, September 3, 2012

Ode of Balls

A couple of weeks ago, we threw a bachelorette party for my dear friend Grace.  It was off the hook.  Probably the best bachelorette party in the world.  The theme was balls.  Seriously, balls.

We started off at a restaurant called The Devil's Advocate in downtown Minneapolis.  This was the perfect setting because all they serve is balls.
Here is the bachelorette with an appetizer of buffalo balls.  They were amazing!  And courtesy of our friend Angie, who couldn't be at the Bachelorette Ball, but still was kind of enough to give the gift of balls.
When you ordered, you chose how many balls you wanted, what kind of meat you wanted your balls to be made of, what type of sauce your balls should be covered in and a side dish.

I got a sampler of balls because I wanted to try all the balls that they had.  I really enjoyed the balls because they fit right into my mouth and were a little bit spicy.  
After dinner, we went to Bryant Lake Bowl to throw some balls down the bowling lane.  We also played games that had to do with balls.

Can you guess how many candy balls are stuffed into this Ball canning jar?

There were also gifts of all ball shapes and sizes.  People got very creative.

And because we didn't want any girls to go home without a handful of balls, I put together these ball sacks for favors.
Balls made for a hysterical bachelorette party.  There's a lot that you can do with the ball theme and it keeps it a little more tongue-in-cheek than the penis straw.  Happy Bachelorette Ball Grace!

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