Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fashion Files: Offensive Footwear

I think I've made it pretty clear on this blog how I feel about Crocs. In case you are a new reader, I'll break it down. I think Crocs are the creation of Satan. You know how people talk about world dictators and they always say "You think that dictator is bad, you should meet his son." World dictators always have crazier sons...ALWAYS.

Anyhow, so if Satan made the Croc, then his crazier son made the above shoe. And yes, people, that is a shoe that someone was wearing out in public. I know you can't see the person's face, but you can tell that he's an assclown by his shoes. Because who would wear those.
Does he have an intense and sadistic desire to humiliate his feet?

I can't imagine that they are comfortable either. I would think that having all of that stuff in between your toes would create major chafing. Or worse, toe sweat.

Blech, those shoes make me sick. I have to excuse myself to vomit.

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Molly said...

Editor's note. As I was leaving the Minnesota Twins baseball game this past weekend, I saw a dude wearing these shoes in orange. Sick. I wanted to punch him.