Friday, May 21, 2010

May Kinda Sucks

Normally, I love May. Love, love. But, I'm not gonna lie to you Internet friends...this May has sucked balls. Here's my May in a nutshell:
  • Have a decent first day or so
  • Find out they are upping my rent
  • Get sick with a cold
  • Weather becomes cold and rainy
  • Pedal Pub, which was fun so Yay!
  • Get a little bit sicker
  • Get really effing sick, miss a couple days of work
  • Find out my sickness is a sinus infection, get antibiotics
  • Continue feeling like crap
  • Finally sun comes out and I start to feel better
  • Realize May is ending

So, I know it's a bit dramatic because there's really about a week left of May and next weekend is Memorial Day, so it's not really that bad. But still, June better represent because May has really been awful.

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