Saturday, October 3, 2009

Living with the Land

This is one of those rides at Disney that's really meant for old folks enjoyment, giving your feet a much needed rest, catching up on family gossip and inducing the young'uns to a fast sleep. It's a boat ride where you look at plants and some fish, but there's a twist! The plants are growing in strange and wondrous ways. Behold:

It's a nine-pound lemon. Here's a closer view of the product:

Don't ask me why you'd want a nine pound lemon, but there they are all the same.

Anyhow, you hop in this boat and go through this greenhouse area with the lemons and a bunch of other plants, then you look at some fish in tubes and then this is usually the part in the ride where I take a nap. For reals. Although nowadays it's not so easy, the ride used to be about an hour long, but they've shortened it. I think there's some other scenes mixed in there too, but the real gold's in the greenhouse area.

So, 2/5 stars. This is a ride to go on when you're sick of waiting in lines and want a little rest from the hustle and bustle.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "that's a lot of iced tea". Maybe they have 13 pound lemons by now. We'll see in 2 weeks!

Love ya,