Sunday, April 6, 2008

NME Resolution Suggestion

This suggestion is for all the biyatches. Your April NME Resolution should be to invest in a clutch. Seriously. The weather is getting nicer and the clubs are getting more crowded. If I get bumped by one more diaper bag when I go out to a club I'm going to throw it down, and you DO NOT want to taste my pain.


krumps said...

i second that. i think if i tried to "throw it down" w/anyone i'd end up hurting myself though - i'm not quite as boss as molly i guess. perhaps a good alternative would be to take the bag and "accidently" puke in it.

diaper bags in bars and clubs are not only annoying but dangerous - why it was only a few weekends ago that such bag bumped into me, caught my necklace, and almost choked me to death before ripping free from my neck! true story.

buy a clutch today!

Molly said...

Throwing down is pretty easy actually. Three little words can pretty much get it done: "Pop off bitch". Then you just repeat it continuously. It also helps to clap your hands. I learned this technique from The Bad Girls Club.