Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Bug's Life

My uncle and I are standing in front of Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life. Deep inside the Tree of Life is one of these interactive shows that Disney is so famous for. It's all about bugs, so right away I'm not such a big fan. I hate bugs.

But, it isn't awful, it's kind of cute. The bugs are putting on a show for humans and then scary bugs come and chaos ensues. The chaos can be a little bit scary for the young'uns, but whatever, they should suck it up because it's just a show.

The show also uses these interactive things that some people might find fun (I don't find them fun). For instance there's a part where there are bees and you are sitting in your seat and all of a sudden you feel a little poke in your back. There's something in the seat that pokes you at just the right moment so you think a bee is attacking. You'll hear the shrieks throughout the audience. There's a few other gags like that, but I have advice. Sit forward in your seat, you'll miss everything. Then plug your nose and finally if it all becomes too much, take off your 3D glasses. Trust me.

Finally keep in mind that there's a little surprise at the end. So, after you think all the fun is over, continue sitting forward in your seat. You'll thank me later.

4/5 or 7/10 stars. It's a cute show, you can sit down, the building's air conditioned and there's almost always a very short wait time.


Anonymous said...

I love me some Disney. You forgot to mention that "It's a Bug's Life" is ever so close to your favorite restaurant at Disney--Flame Tree Barbecue.

Mmmmm....barbecue chicken salad, barbecue ribs, barbecue pork sandwich. I'm getting hungry.

BTW...I think you were one of those young'uns who needed to get over the bugs. You are usually sitting so far forward in your chair, that I'm afraid you're going to fall on the floor.

Love ya,

Molly said...

You're lucky I still go on the ride. Maybe next time I'll sit back in the seat to get the full experience.