Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My 2008 Wish for Minneapolis:

A new, hip downtown club. After spending the summer and fall bouncing between 3 venues, I can honestly say that this town needs some fresh blood. It would be wonderful to crawl out of winter hibernation in May to find that there's a fabulous new place to make Summer of 2008 much more interesting.

Here's my list of reasons why Mpls needs a new club:

  • NV (or Envy...whatever) - terrible, terrible music
  • The Lodge - weird ambiance and you are guaranteed to run into someone you don't want to see
  • Spin - when I was a kid it was Tropix and it was just as seedy. Any place that's 18+ isn't worth going to after you turn 17
  • Foundation - was cooler when it was Level
  • Drink - please
  • Annex/Lone Tree - see Drink
  • Escape - I didn't even know this place was still open
  • Infiniti Room - There's a long story about why this place sucks, but in short form, a girl was attacked by a guy there and management didn't do anything. Yuck
  • Refuge/Rosens/District/Brothers - I've seen people not wear shoes at each of these places

In my opinion the best club in downtown is the Lounge with Aqua coming in a distant second followed by Imperial Room. Honorable Mention goes to Red, White & F*!&ing Blue and The Loop.

Happy 2008!

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