Friday, January 18, 2008

Ways The Past Has Celebrated Feb's Eve

I wikipediaed some things that have famously happened on Feb's Eve in the past, here are some of the more remarkable events that the universe has blessed us with on Feb's Eve (top ten style):

(10) In 1849 the UK abolished Corn Laws, and thank the Lord, because what would we do if the UK's 19th Century Corn Laws were still in existence?

(9) In 2005 Michael Jackson plead innocent to alleged child molestation, rumor has it that Neverland and Bubbles the Monkey had a huge Feb's Eve party that night

(8) In 1865 Robert E Lee was put in charge of the Confederate Army. Great American Heroes and Feb's Eve!

(7) In 1930 3M gave us Scotch Tape....the world has never been the same and neither have my bedroom walls

(6) Last year (2007) Feb's Eve saw two bridges and a couple other major roadways shut down in Boston because of those super funny Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertisements that looked suspiciously like bombs. Funny pranks and Feb's Eve go hand in hand.

(5) In 1929 the Soviet Union exiled Leon Trotsky, and a Happy Feb's Eve to Mr. Lenin and all those Bolsheviks. Although somewhere the Commie Tommies are crying.

(4) In 2002 the environment celebrated Feb's Eve by disintegrating a large section of the Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf. Yay for Global Warming!

(3) In 1990 thousands spent the day waiting in line outside the first McDonald's in Moscow. And in 1991, thousands were admitted to the Russian hospital for quadruple bypass surgery. No, I kid, McDonald's is delicious and nutritious.

(2) In 1747 London Lock Hospital opened the very first VD clinic! The's as if they knew that Feb's Eve would become the greatest day for having sex with strangers and passing on VD.

(1) In 1981 Feb's Eve brought some sexy back (is that getting old yet?) when it welcomed Mr. JT to the world. Holla!

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