Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Hold A NME Party

Here's some important guidelines for anyone interested in throwing their own NME party, but they aren't quite sure where to begin:

(1) Themes are always good, they unite people and give them common ground to stand on. But, if you do a theme - COMMIT! For instance, if you're theme is "Hipsters in the New Month" then make sure the only bronson you're drinking is PBR and that all decor and locations that you go to are deck. Otherwise you'll end up totally midtown.

(2) If you're going out to a bar for NME, make sure to do two things - choose sompelace random and tell everyone at the bar that you are celebrating the new month. Nothing gets people aroused like a crazy beeyotch ranting about a made up holiday, trust me.

(3) Always put someone responsible and relatively sober in charge of the NME countdown. I cannot tell you how many New Months I've had where I look at my phone to see that it's 12:11 and that while I've been listening to Random Dude X wax nostalgic about how backpacking through Europe at age 19 has really made him a better salesperson at 30, I've managed to miss the New Month. Oh wait, I can tell you - it's been 7 and I've regretted all but one.

(4) Force everyone to make a NME resolution. I live for two things: making resolutions to improve the quality of my life and breaking them 4 days later so that I can fall into the same self-destructive patterns. What could be better than doing this once a month??

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