Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Government Shutdown-itis and Random Acts of Douchebaggery

While many people across America were celebrating their freedom and liberty this weekend, Minnesota government was shut down. Yes, that's right, Minnesota currently has no budget in place due to a Democrat governor and Republican legislature not being able to play nice with each other. Therefore, any government service deemed nonessential is shutdown and thousands of works have been temporarily laid off. God Bless America.

This shutdown has made me angry on many levels. First is this ridiculous need to support one party or the other. People, listen to me, these politicians should not be supported. There is no need to join the facebook page to support Governor Mark Dayton. He's as much at fault as the Republicans are. What we should be supporting is resolving this bipartisan standoff. I have a right to renew my driver's license, visit the nearest reststop for an emergency bathroom break and go to a state park. That right is being violated by petty politics. Supporting one party and criticizing another is not helping this situation. All of these politicians are to blame and I'm really hoping that they feel it in the next elections.

Second thing that I'm spitting tacks about is the fact that these assclowns didn't work on the shutdown one bit this weekend. The public was told that it was because both sides needed to relax and rejuvenate over the weekend. Cut the shit. They wanted to go up to their lakehomes and enjoy the municipality fireworks. I guarantee you that if these douches were forced to work this weekend, the matter would have been resolved by Saturday at the latest. Nothing motivates state employees more than the threat of having to work on a holiday. NOTHING! If they had been forced to work and had come to a resolution, then people would be back to their jobs today and all state government services would be restored. As it is right now, we are several days away from a resolution. It's really not fair to the people of this state.

So, I'm pissed. And I'm one of the essential government employees. Let's hope that the lawmakers get it through their heads that they have a job to do and not getting that job done will cost them their seat.

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Is this you trying to do your best Lady Liberty imitation, while not getting burned by the sparkler?

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