Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy July and Birthday!

First off - Happy Birthday to Annie! Anne, you are so much older than me. No, but seriously, happy birthday. You have one of the greatest birthdays ever because it's not only your birthday, but an obscure and made up holiday! I'm so jealous. Hope you have a fab day.

Secondly, it's July! A month of heat and fireworks. I do have to say that out of all the NME celebrations, July's may be my least favorite. Only because it's impossible for me to plan and falls 4 days before the most depressing day of my year. But, with that being said...I will still drink and will still make resolutions.

My July resolution: to be outdoors more. Here's a reason why I may need to be outdoors more...
Friend: Everyone wants to sit on the patio even though it's freezing because we've all come out of our winter lockdowns and feel guilty about not being outside.
Me: I never feel guilty about not being outside.
Friend: Well, you're an exception.

I think what he wanted to say was "you're weird". Anyways...this month brings us Bastille day and the birth of Baby Habben. So let's get celebrating.

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