Friday, April 29, 2011

I Don't Get It

Has anyone here read The Hunger Games trilogy? I have, but I will save my review for when it comes up in the lineup. Right when I was in the middle of the series was when they started talking about the movies being cast. I was really excited because the books are good, but I think the movies will be awesome. There's a lot of visuals going on in the books and it will translate well to film.

My excitement, however, has faded. Have you guys been watching the casting news for the movies? There's a facebook page or something dedicated to this. That fact alone makes me think the movies are going to be lame. Also lame is that the first movie is supposed to come out on March 23, 2012 (less than 11 months away) and they haven't even started production yet. This worries me. Please don't crap out a stinky movie just because you want to capitalize while the books are still hot.

Anyhow, back to the casting. The cast is not at all who I expected it to be. Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role...fine...she'll probably do great. Then there's this little douche that they cast as Peeta. PEETA! Little and douchey and emo are not words that I would use to describe Peeta. Peeta is literally all wrong and I'm so pissed about it. Then they cast Miley Cyrus' ex as Gale. So, Peeta is short and dark haired and not buff and Gale is tall, blond and totally buff. No, no, no....casting directors you are getting it all wrong.

I just can't support this movie. This movie is going to make billions of dollars. This movie could be like the Harry Potter movies where they are just really well done. But it's not going to be. Hollywood is going to eff this up.

In a side note, did anyone else see the new HP trailer? I cannot wait for this summer. HP will be all I'm thinking about.

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