Thursday, April 14, 2011

Corn Syrup Free

If you have not seen the above movie, I will tell you to proceed with caution. Not that the movie isn't informative and well done. It is. It could possibly make you never want to actually eat food again. Which would be a health problem.

I watched the movie a couple of months ago. I've also read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food. He is featured in the movie. The movie is all about how we have turned farming into a business and business isn't always focused on what is good for the consumer. But I don't think that's always bad. We need food to be affordable and accessible and nonperishable, which business does. Honestly, who doesn't love a Twinkie every so often?

One thing that struck me in the movie and also in Michale Pollan's book is how much more seed and corn we are consuming than we did maybe 30 years ago. Because corn is literally in everything that we eat. Not to get graphic, but corn is also incredibly hard to digest. Who hasn't gotten some floaties after eating a couple of cobs? That's right, your body actually excretes it whole because it can't process it. So, can you imagine what's happened to our little tummies after years of over consumption?

I decided to cut back on my corn intake. This has proven to be an extremely difficult and expensive task. There are plenty of organic snacks available at the super market, but $5 for 4 packets of fruit snacks is a lot of green. But I went for it. I did not overhaul my entire diet, I just bought a few options for snacks and cereal. I'm not going to say it has revolutionized my life, but I actually have noticed that the organic snacks leave me feeling more satisfied than say a Twinkie would. I mean, if I'm hungry and I eat a Twinkie, I ain't stopping at one. Overall, however, I think my tummy is thanking me for cutting back on my corn intake.

Side note, the best organic food I've found is the Annie's brand cereals. You can leave these suckers sit in milk for hours and they are still crispy and crunchy.

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