Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kirby!

Yesterday was my Kirby's first birthday. I took some really cute pictures of him in a birthday party hat, but unfortunately they are trapped on my camera and I didn't bring the tools to free them. So, instead, you get a picture of him doing what he does best...lounging.

Last year at this time, Kirby had popped out of the womb of either a bitch redbone coonhound or a bitch bloodhound, or a bitchy combination of both. Then some asshole left him and his litter by the side of an Oklahoma road. Which is really mean, but luckily that person's error in judgment was our gain.

Kirby is a funny mutt. He is neurotic, intelligent, stubborn and independent. He likes to hide socks and underwear under the coffee table, howl at anyone who dares to walk by our house when the sun goes down and put his face up on the table while we are eating in the hopes that we will throw him a scrap (we never do). He's also all legs, as you can see from the picture, and has this lean and muscular frame that makes me jealous.

Kirby, you've brought so much joy (and frustration) to Mike and my life. Please stop growing so fast so that I can enjoy your howls, besos and drool for many moons to come. Also, please stop howling in the middle of the night when you hear strange noises. It gives me heart palpitations.


Grace said...

I totally agree, I wish I was all legs and lean like Kirby. What a babe.

Molly said...

Some dogs have all the luck. He's also able to eat whatever he wants. Peanut butter, rawhide bones, frosty paws... and he still maintains that sleek physique.