Thursday, February 10, 2011

World's Best Beer

This has been a long week. I am a limping unit right now due to a WebMD diagnosed case of tendinitis of the knee. I have a new appreciation for all people who limp. It takes a lot more work to do everything. Even getting into bed is a challenge when you can't bend your knee.

Anyhow, last Sunday brought us the game of all games...the Superbowl. In an effort to spice things up for the game, Mike wanted to go down to the Ale Jail in St. Paul to create our own six-pack of beer. I don't really like beer, although there are a few kinds that I will drink now and not totally gag at.

However, Sunday night changed my beer life. I found the above drink, which tasted like God himself was the brewmaster. It's brewed with bananas. Can you imagine such a crazy thing? I thought it would taste overly banana-y and thus not so great, but folks, that is soooo not the case. It's made with just the perfect hint of banana flavor. It's light and refreshing and kind of nutty. I love nutty things.

Pick one up today!


Grace said...

I was like God looked at it and said, "you are my most wonderous creation." hahahah.
Good, I'm so glad, this will be your gateway beer.

Molly said...

Grace, I'm so glad that you remember that line. I actually often think of that and laugh and laugh. Have you been to the Ale Jail? You and Mike would love it, they have a huge wall of all different types of beers and you can just create your own 6 pack, it's awesome.