Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Acts of Douchebaggery

Wasn't it really nice of someone to write "bitch" on the sidewalk in some kind of a substance that is impervious to any kind of removal. I don't know if that's the right way to use impervious. But seriously, this graffito has survived multiple rain storms and foot traffic. It doesn't even make sense. Was a rogue hoodrat so mad at the sidewalk that he thought he would tattoo her indefinitely? Is it a cryptic message to all female dogs being walked down the sidewalk? I have no idea, but it is dbaggery at its finest.


Grace said...

Another added act of douchebaggery that is somewhat related: people who insist on getting into heated arguments over their cell phones in public places and pepper ever other word with F this and you're an Fing B. Seriously. We're waiting for the bus and it's like 8:15 in the morning, must you call this person a B over and over again? Is that really necessary? Can't we just have a coffee and wake up for a second?

Molly said...

I totally agree. Great use of a RAD. I also had a RAD moment yesterday at Regions Hospital...All 3 times I went into the restroom there was someone in the stall on the phone. Who is on a phone in the bathroom?