Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And Then There Were 5

Well, color myself pleased because I have read 5 books this year. And it's only February. I feel accomplished...yes, that's right it doesn't take much.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime made me happy, and a little bit anxious. I loved this story, it was totally unique and perhaps helped people to understand autism a bit better. The story also had a lot of twists and turns and many moments that come up and smack you in the face. There's nothing I love more than being sucker punched by a good book.
I had two main problems. 1. I couldn't get behind the mother and father...they were both so selfish and did things to their son that I just couldn't imagine. 2. The main character is autistic, which means that there are portions of the book that are hyper chaotic because that's what a stressful situation is like for him. I loved this because it made me appreciate what it's like to be autistic more, but it also left me with a headache and major anxiety. So, maybe ask Kara for one of her magic pills before reading the ending.
Overall...4/5 or 8/10 stars.

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