Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vegas Lounge, A Wrinkle In Time

You know it's bad when you go out to a bar on a Saturday night and the hottest dude in the place is wearing sweatpants and a tshirt with a predatory animal on it. That's right a tshirt with an animal showing fangs. HOT!

Stepping into the Vegas Lounge was like entering a time portal and being thrown into a Minneapolis dive bar in 1993. And there was karaoke. The highlight of the evening came when an old drunk lady of about 60 had the following conversation with Grace:

Old Lady: Hey, do you speak sign language?
Grace: No.
OL: My boss wants me to talk to deaf people.
G: Hmmm....
A little later, the lady hugs Grace and says:
OL: I knew from the second that I saw you that you were a good girl.
G: Thanks.
OL: I teach catechism classes.
G: Oh.
OL: You should model.
G: Thanks.
It's only a day away from my favorite holiday of the month! Happy Almost April bitches.


krumps said...

i am so sad i missed this! so awesome. except for one thing - after laughing out loud at that amazing dialogue, i got this horrible feeling that i could be that lady one day. who knows - it all could of began for her w/a miss america "i'd make a great girlfriend" speech.

please save me molly!

also, i have one little question about the hottie in the sweatpants - what kind of sweatpants...

Molly said...

The sweats were gray, or maybe black. If I had to guess a brand I would guess Hanes. They were a little bit baggy, not too tight. However sometimes loose can be sexy as hell.